The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) assists the Prime Minister in the role of Head of Government and Chairperson of Cabinet by providing administrative and logistical support.

The Cabinet Office of the OPM provides Cabinet and the Prime Minister with secretarial support to ensure timely decisions for the effective running of Government.

The OPM also implements a number of programmes, including the development of the mahogany industry, the issuance of small grants, and the coordination of donor funding for community development projects (particularly in rural areas and outer islands), and the administration of the Rotuma, Rabi and Kioa Island Councils.

The OPM also has authority over the Department of Immigration, which is responsible for managing the flow of people across Fiji’s borders. This includes passport issuance for Fijian citizens, the issuance of entry and departure permits, and the processing of applications for citizenship.

Through the ePassport system, the Department is in the process of introducing new technologies to improve internal operations and deliver more effective services to the public.



“By the time we gather at the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit in September, the majority of the world’s countries must come with realistic and concrete plans for three things: for their next round of more robust and aggressive NDCs; for halving emissions by 2030; and for reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. We are already revising our own commitments in accordance with those aspirations and the rest of the world must follow suit. Throughout this High-Level plenary, let us keep climate resilience and climate action at the heart of our discussions. And as we look at the UNSG’s Climate Action Summit, let us summon the courage and the will to face squarely the tremendous challenge that confronts us and to do the things we all know can and must be done.”

PM Bainimarama’s remarks at the 1st UN Habitat Assembly High-Level Policy Plenary Segment: Creating an Enabling Environment for Innovation-Nairobi, Kenya, May 29, 2019

Harold Update

#CycloneHarold exited our waters early this morning after leaving a path of destruction behind in Fiji. Harold’s heavy rains are still making their way through catchment areas, meaning that streams and rivers –– particularly the Rewa River –– will likely still see high water levels. So even if the sun is shining, please remain cautious of floodwaters. Unpredictable currents, submerged debris, downed power lines and live electrical cables mean that crossing a river could still prove deadly. As Fijians pick up the pieces after being struck by yet another severe cyclone, I want to thank our disciplined forces and the NDMO, who worked through the heavy winds and rain to keep us safe. Between TC Harold and the global COVID-19 pandemic, our economy and our people have been dealt two body blows to start the year. While we may be on the ropes –– now is when the measures of our resilience and diligence matter most. This storm must not compromise our coronavirus containment efforts, lest we risk damage far more painful than the aftermath of any cyclone. So please, continue to follow all of our life-saving public health directives. If you’ve been affected by this storm, know that help is on the way. We will rise back to our feet. And we’ll do it together. Stay strong, Fiji.

Posted by Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama on Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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