Executive Support Office (ESO)

The Executive Office/Permanent Secretary’s Office provides executive support to the Permanent Secretary and the Honourable Prime Minister by:

  • Ensuring the success of the Prime Ministers bilateral meeting, regional and International engagements;
  • Ensuring that all departments within the Office of the Prime Minister provide timely, strategic and expert advice to the Permanent Secretary;
  • Carrying out vigilant oversight in the implementation of objectives of the divisions of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Sugar and Immigration Department.
  • Continuous engagement and liaison with Ministries under the Prime Minister’s portfolio
  • Continuous liaison with Permanent Secretaries on instructions and directives of the Prime Minister;
  • Ensure that the Prime Minister’s speeches and messages are prepared and ready in advance
  • Ensure that re-engagement requests, official overseas releases and appointments that require the Prime Minister’s decision is attended to in a timely manner.

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Cabinet Office Core Function

The Cabinet Office provides administrative and secretariat support to the Cabinet. CO administers Ministerial leave, overseas travel and acting appointments in consultations with the Hon. Prime Minister. The Office also facilitates parliamentary pension allowances, and requests for the use of the Fiji Flag and the Coat of Arms.

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Private Office Core Function

  • Provide administrative, logistic and security support to the Prime Minister;
  • Provide logistic and any required support to the Prime Minister’s personal and domestic needs, and to the needs of his spouse;
  • Co-ordinate and facilitate requests for appointments, interviews and invitations to the Prime Minister;
  • Facilitate provision of speeches and programmes for all Prime Minister’s engagements local and overseas
  • Arrange accommodation and travelling for all Prime Minister’s engagement local and overseas; and
  • Attend to the public in their requests/complaints and so forth.

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Policy Division Core Function

  1. Provision of thoroughly researched, factual and evidence-based policy advice to the Permanent Secretary and Prime Minister;
  2. Independent analytical advice on Cabinet Papers from Line Ministries and Departments – harmonise recommendations with Government policies;
  3. Critical evaluation and scrutinizing of draft Cabinet Papers from Line Ministries – provide comments and recommendation on draft Papers.
  4. Effective coordination for the compilation of Information Kit for the Hon Prime Minister re overseas engagements;
  5. Effective oversight of Government’s national development (economic, social, governance and cultural) policies;
  6. Support, maintain, enhance and preserve the functions, dignity, integrity and trust in the Office of the Prime Minister with clients and stakeholders; and
  7. Provide valuable information briefs on national and international developments for the Hon Prime Minister;

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Development Cooperation & Facilitation Office Core Function

The re-structure of the OPM initiated with the transferring of the monitoring role to the Ministry of Finance. This required an assessment of unit roles within the Ministry to ensure that the core deliverables of providing support to the Hon PM remained intact throughout. As part of this assessment the structure was reviewed to meet the demands of units alongside its revision of roles.

Findings revealed that two units within the OPM complimented each other through the roles they performed to the communities. The Public Relations and Media Division (PRMD) was responsible for creating awareness on Government’s intent and objectives whilst the Development Cooperation Facilitation Division played a highly visible role in facilitating project implementation as approved by the Hon PM. As such the two units were merged into a single Division forming the Development Cooperation Facilitation Office (DCFO). The Complaints section was also merged under the PRMD thus allowing the complaints process to be integrated into the PR processes.

The revised role of the DCFO is to create awareness on Government’s intent and objectives through consistent engagement and ensuring high visibility through facilitation of project implementation.

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International Cooperation & Corporate Service Division (ICCSD)

The Division provides policy advice, formulate and act on policy issues relating to all International Cooperation matters and Corporate Services to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) through five (5) key areas: International Cooperation, Accounts Unit, Human Resources and Development Unit, Administration & Productivity Unit, and Information Technology Unit with all statutory obligations.

The International Cooperation unit is responsible for all international relations matters that are aligned to the Prime Minister’s Office. These include MoAs and MoU follow ups, reviewing of missions, fostering PM’s Agenda in the international arena.

The Accounts Unit is responsible for the budget & financial reporting compliance; audit report; procurement compliance report and other financial services within the OPM and the Cabinet Office assignment.

The Human Resources and Development Unit is responsible for the Human Resources Management & Staff Development. The Administration & Productivity Unit is responsible for Asset Management, Records Management, Procurement, Logistic Support, Maintenance and Support, and Productivity Management.

The Information Technology Unit manages the information technology function including IT support, trouble shooting, back up, technology upgrades (applications etc.) and advice.

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