The Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Hon. Sakiusa Tubuna this morning presided over and inception workshop which marked the beginning of an ambitious initiative designed to promote peace, national reconciliation and social cohesion across Fiji.
The United Nations-facilitated workshop brought together key stakeholders, including religious leaders and faith-based organisations to discuss strategies and approaches to form the core part of the Peacebuilding Fiji Project which the Fiji government endorsed.
The Peacebuilding Fiji Project is expected to conceptualise, design and implement a range of initiatives focusing on national reconciliation and social cohesion actions.
Hon. Tubuna, in his remarks, highlighted the potential impact of the project, saying “This initiative aligns with our commitment to building a harmonious and inclusive society. Through strategic interventions, we aim to address underlying issues, promote human rights, and lay the foundation for a united and prosperous future for all Fijians”.
“The Peacebuilding Fiji Project reaffirms the commitment of the Fiji Government to creating an inclusive and harmonious society.
“This two-year project further supports the Prime Minister’s call for unity and commitment to peace in the region through the “Zone of Peace” concept.
“As we commence with building peace at home, I convey the Peoples’ Coalition Government’s appreciation to you all for spearheading this initiative which aims to foster peace and unity in our nation and the region.”
The project’s overarching goals include the strengthening of the human rights framework and institutions, alongside promoting inclusive dialogues to inform national social cohesion priorities.
By engaging in collaborative efforts with UNDP, UN Women and UN Human Rights and other stakeholders, the project aims to contribute significantly to national development and resilience in Fiji.
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