Departing Diplomat Told of Fiji’s Aspirations

“Governments’ focus is on regional integration in order to enhance its global expansion initiatives”.

Those were the comments conveyed by the Director Public Relations & Media Division (PRMD), Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO), Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Joeli Besetimoala, to the Counselor at the Fiji Embassy in Malaysia, Mr. Pita Tagicakirewa, at the National Monitoring Centre, Parliamentary Complex, in Suva on Friday 24th May, 2013.

“Your role as the Counselor is to ensure serving Fiji’s paramount interests which is enhancing Fiji’s image as a nation whose identity is built on the principles of equity, culturally vibrant and striving to be a truly democratic nation,” said Mr. Besetimoala.

The Director PRMD briefed Mr. Tagicakirewa on the importance of Fiji’s role as the current chair of two (2) key global bodies such as the G-77 plus China group and the International Sugar Organization.

“Our emphasis on Fiji’s role in international affairs is enshrined in Pillar 11 of the Peoples Charter which entails continued engagement with leaders and friends on issues affecting our region and crafting solutions for a better future and sustainable development of our region. Kuala Lumpur is no exception. Our membership with the Non-Align Movement (NAM) is a testimony of Fiji’s intentions for further cooperation with the international state actors,” said Mr. Besetimoala.

Mr. Tagicakirewa is expected to take up his position as the newly appointed Counselor with the Fijian Embassy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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