The visit by Chairman Luo of the China Development Cooperation marks a significant milestone in Fiji-China relations, with the two nations reaffirming their commitment to collaborative development efforts.
During a bilateral meeting at the Office of the Prime Minister this morning, Assistant Minister Hon Tubuna expressed the Fijian government’s gratitude for China’s support. He highlighted the importance of initiatives like the MOU on the Global Development Initiative (GDI), signed in March 2023.
This memorandum accentuates the shared goal of addressing poverty and promoting sustainable development, aligning with Fiji’s National Development Plan objectives.
“We strongly believe that the MoU provides an excellent framework to help address the development and poverty alleviation aspirations of many small island developing countries,” stated a government official. This emphasizes the significance of initiatives like GDI in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 1 of No Poverty.
Fiji’s interest in learning from China’s successful approaches to poverty alleviation and inclusive development was a key theme of discussions. With the aim of economic empowerment in rural and maritime provinces, Fiji seeks to adopt comprehensive strategies based on China’s experiences, from small villages to large multi-ethnic communities.
“As we look to China’s success in Poverty Alleviation and Inclusive Development, we know there are many lessons that we can learn,” stated Hon Tubuna. “We need to address this from all dimensions, and this must include people from all social structures in rural and maritime provinces.”
The meeting this morning highlighted Fiji’s specific development priorities, including infrastructure projects and initiatives to address climate change impacts.
The engagement between Fiji and China under the GDI framework is expected to deepen, with the Fiji Ambassador in Beijing playing a pivotal role in seeking successful models from China appropriate for Fiji’s context.
“When we can touch the people and lift them out of poverty together, we will not only strengthen the individual bonds of friendship but also elevate the Fiji-China relations at the national level to greater heights,” expressed a government official.
As Fiji works towards achieving its development goals, it recognizes the importance of collaborating with China to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth. Chairman LUO’s recent visit has paved the way for increased cooperation between the two nations, as they join forces to build a brighter future together.
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