DUBAI, [02 Dec 23] — Fiji’s Chief Negotiator, Ambassador Amena Yauvoli, has emerged as a key player at the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) in Dubai, leading the charge for ambitious climate goals and fostering global cooperation.
In an exclusive interview, Ambassador Yauvoli provided insights into the progress made during the initial days of the COP and outlined Fiji’s significant role in shaping the global climate agenda.
“The COP 28 work program has been successfully launched, allowing parties to engage in various meetings and negotiations crucial for reaching successful conclusions on multiple agenda items,” he said.
Ambassador Yauvoli commended the commitment of Fiji’s Prime Minister, Hon. Sitiveni Rabuka, and the Government towards supporting the COP presidency in achieving the outlined objectives.
“I express gratitude for my appointment by the COP and CMA (Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement) to co-chair the newly formed committee, the New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance. This appointment not only recognises Fiji’s involvement but also showcases the importance of small and developing states in steering the climate negotiations,” he further stated.
“A major focus of my role is to co-chair a contact group, working inclusively and transparently with representatives from the government of Switzerland to identify a process that allows member states to agree on a new goal for climate finance.”
This appointment highlights Ambassador Yauvoli’s expertise and experience in climate negotiations.
“The increasing interest in the COP process, with over 90,000 participants attending COP 28, stresses the significance of Fiji’s role in the new committee, not only for the nation itself but also for small island developing states globally,” he said.
“I emphasise the importance of empowering Fiji’s young team to actively participate and represent the country in the negotiation process. Building their capacities and instilling confidence in their work is seen as a critical investment for the long term,” Ambassador Yauvoli said.
On the ongoing meetings, he said, “Discussions on long-term climate finance, the new collective quantified goal on climate finance, and matters related to the Standing Committee on Finance are underway. We are optimistic about receiving more pledges by the end of the week for funds such as the Loss and Damage Fund and the Green Climate Fund”.
Ambassador Yauvoli also acknowledged the collaborative efforts with regional neighbours Australia and New Zealand.
“The unity among Pacific smaller developing states is crucial. Ongoing support in critical areas such as loss and damage, adaptation, just transition, and the global stocktake is paramount.”
“As discussions progress, Fiji remains actively engaged in advanced talks regarding participation in the new Loss and Damage Fund. We are working diligently to secure representation on the fund’s upcoming board, ensuring the right decisions are made for the future,” he confirmed.
The Fiji contingent’s commitment at COP 28 demonstrates our nation’s dedication to spearheading climate action, promoting cooperation, and securing a sustainable and resilient future not only for our nation but also for other vulnerable regions across the globe.
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