Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka unveiled the rebranded Fijian Broadcasting Corporation(FBC) logo earlier tonight which marked ‘the dawn of a new era’ for the organisation.
The new logo featured the Fijian blue, the davui and lali with the slogan “Unity in Diversity”.
While delivering his official remarks at the event at Suva’s Grand Pacific Hotel, Prime Minister Rabuka thanked the organisation for the invite to celebrate with the FBC family such a special occasion.
“The FBC is an integral part of our nation’s history for a long time. After its inception, FBC enjoyed the position as a trusted primary source of news and information,” he said.
The Prime Minister, at the same time, urged the staff members to uphold the integrity of the organisation and maintain the highest ethical standards.
“Remember FBC is not owned by a few people, but by all the citizens of Fiji. You will uphold the highest ethical standards, compliance, integrity and governance in the tasks assigned to you,” he added.
“As your line Minister, I would like to see this entity become robust and a more self-reliant organisation in the future.
“I would like to reiterate my ethos of malice towards none. I have a duty as your Prime Minister and Minister to encourage all of us to unite and work towards a united Fiji where we can all prosper collectively, in this beautiful nation we call home.
“I wish the FBC board, the executives and the hard working team all the very best and God bless you all.”
FBC Board Chairman, Mr Ajay Bhai Amrit said the event marked the celebration of other important achievements of the organisation.
Apart from the FBC rebranded logo, Mr Amrit announced that Mr Tarun Patel, a well-known media personnel, will be their new acting Chief Executive Officer.
FBC also welcomes its diplomatic and government clients, among other important initiatives.
Mr Amrit also emphasised on the important role the media plays in today’s society.
“We must use media responsibly and with due caution as it is so powerful. I hope we can prove to the nation that we are a respectable and credible organisation in the future.”
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