Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How can I lodge a complaint to the Office of the Prime Minister?

Ans 1. Before bringing your complaint to our office, it is advisable that you first lodge it (complaint) with the relevant Ministry, Agency, Department or Organisation. Please note that when we receive your complaint, we will also liaise with the responsible Ministry, Agency, Department or Organisation to ensure that all necessary policies and processes are followed.

Below are some ways in which you can lodge a complaint with our office;

  1. Visit our complaints desk at the Ground Floor, Government Buildings, Suva.
  2. Write a letter and address it to Client Services Unit, Office of the Prime Minister, P. O. Box 2353, Government Buildings, Suva.
  3. Email your complaint through our website email portal on the home page.
  4. Call us on 3211614 and speak to any of our Client Services Officers.
  5. Advise any of our officers during our community visitations/consultations or our weekly talkback shows on Radio Fiji One.

Our office will contact you on the update or outcome of your complaint.

Q 2. How can you make an appointment to meet with the Hon. Prime Minister?

Ans 2. Firstly, it is important to note that the Hon. Prime Minister is constantly engaged and his schedule is prepared months in advance. However, you are welcome to make a formal request (correspondence/letter) outlining the purpose of your visit and:

  • submit your request through the email portal on our website home page;
  • you can drop your request at the Ground Floor, Government Buildings, Suva or;
  • post to Office of the Prime Minister, P. O. Box 2353, Government Buildings, Suva.

Our office will contact you to advise on the outcome of your request.

Q 3. What is a criteria to seek funding from the Small Grant Scheme?

Ans 3. The Small Grant Scheme is utilised through the commitments of the Hon Prime Minister. Therefore, all assistance through the scheme is for those endorsed or authorised by the Hon. Prime Minister.

Q 4. How to get feedback from the project submitted to the Office?

Ans 4. Projects not/ committed by the Hon. Prime Minister will be communicated to you through official correspondence (letter).

Q 5. When is the Office of the Prime Minister talkback show conducted?

Ans 5. There are 2 types of talkback shows conducted by our Office;

  1. The weekly talkback show is on FBC Radio Fiji One every Tuesday evening from 7pm-8pm.
  2. The Department of Information coordinates a second talkback show for each Ministry every 6 months on Radio Fiji One, Radio Fiji Two and Gold FM.

Q 6. When can I expect the PR Officer to visit my community/village?

Ans 6. All community consultations are coordinated between the PR Officers and the respective Provincial Administrators or District Officers therefore, the schedule is dependent on the confirmation from the respective communities/villages. It is important to note that this is a separate schedule from that of the Hon. Prime Minister’s tours to the Divisions.

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