Following their bilateral meeting, Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka and his Papua New Guinea counterpart, Honourable James Marape took time out for a friendly golf match at Pacific Harbour this afternoon.
The golf match at the Pearl Resort Championship Golf Course between the two Prime Ministers was held in honour of the two great leaders, the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.
It also commemorated the second anniversary of the passing of the “father of the nation of PNG”.
Honourable Rabuka, while addressing the attendees, paid tribute to the two great leaders, saying they led well and by example not only in their high offices but also in their lives as they exemplified leadership and true friendship.
“The two great men reached out to fellow leaders all over the world and we’re so humbled to be following in their footsteps,” he said.
“Prime Minister Marape and I could only hope that we live up to their examples. We also hope we can return to the original arrangement that there will be a reciprocal tournament in PNG.
“We have the reopening of the Fiji High Commission soon in Port Moresby and that could be a good opportunity for us to meet and play. Let us honour our two leaders and I would also like to thank the PNG Team for this opportunity. Welcome again to Fiji.”
Prime Minister Marape, in his address, highlighted that Fiji and PNG have always been very close.
“Our country’s history has been anchored by the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and the late Sir Michael Somare, the two great leaders of our nations,” he said.
“We can only do best and work in the footprints of our two leaders to ensure that our people to people links, our business to business and government to government relationships flourish and remain harmonious.
“May the trophy remain relevant and let’s continue to celebrate the legacy of the two great leaders of our nations.”
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