Government Intent Outlined during Lau Tour

It is important to disseminate Government’s intent during public forums and meetings, such as the one attended in the Lau Group.

Those were the sentiments echoed by Mr. Sitiveni Raturala, the Principal Administrative Officer, of the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO) – Office of the Prime Minister during the tour of the Lau Group from January 12th to 26th, 2014.

“The Lau tour was an opportune time to witness the changes taking shape in the islands. Furthermore, the very presence of various Government representatives was a testimony of the Government’s commitment to better service delivery to Fijians living in these islands,” said Mr. Raturala.
Government representatives were allocated 10 to 15 minutes each before villagers were invited to ask questions or make comments whilst members of the Government team dispersed to inspect their respective projects.

Mr Raturala and Mr. Epeli Vuase, the Public Relations Officer at SFCCO, took turns at presentations centered on iTaukei land, elections, political developments and Bill of Rights. The key message was to thank the villagers for their hard work and subsequently encourage them to take part in elections. The PR Officers also distributed constitution booklets to surrounding villages.
The tour covered villages in the islands of Cicia, Tuvuca, Cikobia, Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, Komo, Kabara, Vatoa, Ono-i-Lau and Moala.

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