“But there is nothing I value more than being present for the opening of a new school campus, or the handover of new equipment to deserving students. Because nothing shapes the future of our nation more profoundly than the opportunity and the resources that we afford our young people.”

Those were the sentiments shared by the Hon. Prime Minister this afternoon after opening the Bau Central College. The 1.6million dollar campus has been built to a standard with proper building plans and quality materials worthy of the students of Tikina Bau and Dravo.

The Head of Government believes that the care and education of our young Fijians is something that must always rise above the political fray. One should always support programmes that will benefit young Fijians because education is that important.

“…my single proudest achievement as Prime Minister has been making education free at the primary and secondary level for all Fijian students.”

The Head of Government believes that education plays a vital role as it is the single greatest equaliser in any society and that it bridges the gap between the rich and poor.








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