Today the Hon. Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama officially opened the Namosi Provincial Council Meeting when delivering speech at Navua.

“Development can take time, because it’s important to plan investments properly, to make sure they work as intended. That’s what responsible leadership entails, and that is the quality of leadership I’ve brought to Fiji. And I want to make an important point: this development you’re experiencing is uplifting and empowering your people on an equal basis. Yes, Namosi is seeing tremendous development.”

The Head of Government highlighted that there has been extensive developments undertaken in Namosi namely the new hospital in Namelimeli; extension of national electricity grid to Naqarawai and Wainikoroiluva, solar power to Nuqara, Nukusere and Navunisoco; building a new farmers Ccollection Centre Co-operative; new evacuation centre in Saliadrau; completion of a new Ministry of Agriculture Office for the province; new water projects in Wainadoi, Nakuvu Primary School, Wainilotulevu Primary, Nakavika and Nukusere and the upcoming brand-new access road stretching from Nasoqo to Wainiyavu.



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