Hon. Prime Minister Launches the ‘digitalFIJI’ Mobile Application

Today, the Hon. Prime Minister launched the ‘digitalFIJI’ mobile application which offers the first two key services under the ‘digitalFIJI’ umbrella; my-Feedback Fiji and “Directory-At-Gov”. This initiative is the outcome of Fiji’s partnership with the Singaporean Government.

“In Fiji, as we welcome our ninth straight year of growth and on the back of our massive investment in ICT infrastructure, we’ve put Fiji in a position to take that same bold step, and we will do so in a way that is tailored directly to the realities Fijians face in their everyday lives.”

Recognising this significant step, the Hon. Prime Minister Bainimarama stated that this initiative paves the way for all Fijians to communicate directly with the Government services online especially in making their services more accessible. This provides all Fijians the most up-to-date information that is available real-time and from the comfort of their home.

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