ICO Envisions its Way Forward

In a collaborated effort led by the Quality Management System (QMS) team of the Implementation Coordinating Office (ICO), the former Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO) has developed its new direction for 2015.

“As SFCCO, our focus was on Making Change Happen and being An Effective and Competent Agency for Change but now as ICO our focus has changed slightly and we need to envision this new focus and how best it represents our role”, were the sentiments of the Deputy Secretary ICO, Mr Edward Tunidau.

Since establishing its new name, ICO, last October the office has centred its efforts on defining its new role, function as an office, vision, mission and values as a means to provide direction and guidance on the ambit of which the office operates within the Office of the Prime Minister.

The ICO QMS team namely, Mrs Waqanidrola (SIO Public Relations & Media) and Ms Varani (Acting PAO Monitoring and Evaluation Unit), have been at the forefront of coordinating activities to implement the changes.

“We need to develop our new slogan, vision, mission and values so that we take ownership and implement these in the work that we do,” emphasized Mrs Waqanidrola during the staff workshop on Friday 13th February.

The first activity involved all the ICO staff forming 3 groups to discuss and develop possible slogans, visions, missions and values that were submitted to management for authorization.  This collaborated effort meant that staffs were able to share their ideas, clarify their doubts and define the way forward for ICO.


Upon defining the new focus and direction for the office that will be presented in its 2015 Business Plan, ICO has now moved to refining its processes as a means to improve productivity; effectiveness and efficiency. To align the processes to international ISO standards ICO has sort the guidance of the Ministry of Employment and Industrial Relations.

During discussions with Deputy Secretary Employment on Monday 23rd February, Mr Baledrokadroka emphasized the importance of developing standards that will make work easier and safeguard everybody. He also reiterated the need for staff to take ownership of the processes.

“What you are doing is a step in the right direction, you may not get it right the first time but you have to keep trying”, concluded Mr Baledrokadroka.

These discussions were critical to ensuring that the office is able to develop quality standards that are internationally recognized and provide value to our customers.

In-light of these activities undertaken by ICO, the office is determined to vigorously pursue its new vision, actively implement its mission and demonstrate its values in all its activities.

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