About Us

The Office of the Prime Minister occupies a crucial position in providing sound policy advice on a wide range of issues as well as administrative support to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.  It is the paramount central agency for Government that plays a critical role in ensuring a well coordinated system within Government that is enabled to achieve the strategic outcomes and goals set out in the Roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development 2009 – 2014. 

The Roadmap is attuned to the theme of “A Better Fiji for All” and encompasses reforms and policies that are required for rebuilding Fiji into a non-racial, culturally vibrant, well governed and truly democratic nation that seeks prosperity through equal opportunity for all.

The Roadmap provides an over-arching framework for achieving sustainable democracy, good and just governance, socio-economic development and national unity based on the 11 Pillars articulated in the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

The monitoring of the Roadmap’s implementation during 2009 – 2014 is a prime responsibility of the Office of the Prime Minister and facilitated through the Strategic Framework for Change, Peace and Progress (SFCCO).