Core Functions

  • Provide advice to the Prime Minister, Ministers and the rest of Government on Cabinet matters.
  • Coordinate the submission and timely circulation of Cabinet papers prior to meetings.
  • Record the deliberations of Cabinet and facilitate the implementation of its decisions.
  • Ensure the publicity of Cabinet decisions and activities.
  • Administration of Parliamentary Pension allowance in accordance with Parliamentary Retirement Allowances Decree 1989 (Decree No.30/89); Amendment Acts No. 3 and 12 of 1992; and Amendment Act No. 17 of 1994.
  • Administration of Pension of Ex-Prime Ministers in accordance with Prime Minister’s Pension Act No 16 of 1994.
  • Administration of Pension of Ex-Presidents in accordance with President’s’ Pension Act No. 15 of 1994 (Amended by Act No. 6 of 1999).
  • Administration of the Coat of Arms Act (Restriction of Use) Cap 245.
  • Administration of the Flying of the National Flag in accordance with the General Order 1208(a) and (d).