Administration Section


The Administration Section provides administrative support services to all sections of the Office of the Prime Minister (except SFCCO) in terms of human resources management and development.

The Administration Section is responsible for the provision of the following services: Personnel/Staff Development & Training, Transport, Leave Administration, Registry Maintenance and Client Complaint Investigation.

The Office of the Prime Minister's Administration Section comprises of eight [8] line posts namely the:
  • Principal Administrative Officer (Administration & Development)
  • Senior Administrative Officer (Administration & Development)
  • Administrative Officer (Support Services)
  • Administrative Officer (Human Resource)
  • Executive Officer (Human Resource)
  • Executive Officer (Registry)
  • Clerical Officer (Registry)
  • Typist

Accounts Section

  • The Accounts Section ensures the provision of up to date, efficient, effective and timely financial management in accordance with the requirements of the General Orders, Finance Act, Finance Instructions, Supplies and Services Instructions and other existing rules and regulations to ensure the Ministry achieves its mission and objectives.
  • Prepare all necessary function for payments
  • It monitors and coordinates procurements and payments of the office and proper disbursement of cash & cheques.
  • It provides assistance, guidance and timely reports to the ministry's line managers, unit supervisors and others to facilitate the Ministry's targets and goals.
  • The office also acts as the paying agent for the following departments: 
    • Government House
    • Office of Accountability & Transparency
    • Elections Office
  • Apart from the budgetary provision allocated to the office, the unit also oversees the payment of Parliamentary Pension Allowance.
  • The Office of the Prime Minister Accounts Section comprises of ten [10] line posts namely the:
    • Principal Accounts Officer
    • Accounts Officer
    • Assistant Accounts Officer
    • Clerical Officers [6]
    • Government Wage Earner