Development Assistance

The Development Cooperation Facilitation Division (DCFD) was established in May 2007 after a Cabinet Decision that it facilitate and conduct follow-up actions on offers of assistance to the Government of Fiji through the Prime Minister’s Office by various bilateral and multi-lateral donors.  The Division complements the work of the Budget and Aid Coordination Committee of the Ministry of Finance in soliciting donors’ funds to be used for development purposes in Fiji.

DCFD is supervised and managed by a Deputy Secretary with a staff complement of eight officers including Director and Senior Administrative level Officers.

Roles and responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the Development Co-operation and Facilitation Division of the Prime Minister’s Office include:

  • Co-ordinate and facilitate effective implementation of both donor assisted and locally funded projects;
  • Obtain project profiles and dossiers for donor assistance;
  • Provide close coordination on accessing of donor assistance;
  • Being a control point for liaison with selected donors; and
  • Administering development budgets for Fiji’s minority communities.

Programme Management:

The following development programmes are coordinated, facilitated and delivered through the DCFD Unit:

  • Chinese Government Concessional Loans through the Export- Import Bank of China;
  • Direct Grants provided by the Government of the People’s Republic of China.
  • The Prime Minister’s Small Grants Scheme;
  • Melanesian Vasu-i-Taukei Development Fund;
  • Kioa Island Development Fund;
  • Rotuma Development Fund; and
  • Rabi Island Development Fund.