Core Functions

The Policy Analysis Unit (PAU) is a Strategic Business Unit functional within the Office of the Prime Minister. Its primary role is to provide sound and independent policy advice to the Prime Minister on a wide range of issues on an on-going basis.

PAU is headed by a Deputy Secretary who is the Manager Responsible. It has 6 professional staff comprising a Chief Economist and a Chief Assistant Secretary, a Principal Assistant Secretary, two Economic Planning Officers and an Administrative Officer; and three Secretaries as support staff.

 Its core functions include:

  • provision of sound policy advice to the Permanent Secretary/Prime Minister;
  • independant anaytical advice on Cabinet Papers from line ministries and departments – harmonise recommendations with Government policies;
  • effective coordination and formulation of coherent national policies in line with Government's objectives;
  • oversee implementation of Government's development policies and their effective monitoring and evaluation;
  • oversee administrative & management of PMO’s financial and human resources;
  • monitor, evaluate implementation and review, formulate PMO’s Annual Corporate Plan, PMO’s 5 year Strategic Plan, and Divisions’ Business Plans;
  • provide quality communication services for the PM ;
  • support, maintain, enhance and preserve the functions, dignity, integrity and trust in the Office of the Prime Minister with clients and stakeholders; and
  • foster systems and initiatives that enhance collaboration/closer consultation amongst/between Ministries and Departments in respect of Government’s policies and  implementation.