Background of The Integrated National Poverty Eradication Program (INPEP)

Poverty is a multifaceted issue involving most government ministries and departments, development partners, private sectors and civil society.
In 2001, cabinet endorsed the establishment of a Poverty Eradication Unit with the following functions:
  • Plan and Formulate in collaboration with the National Planning Office and all sectoral ministries, CSOs and the private sector, an Integrated National Poverty Eradication Program (INPEP);
  • Manage the Timely implementation of INPEP;
  • Monitor, Evaluate and report on the progress and impact of INPEP;and
  • Carry out and coordinate research to develop effective poverty eradication strategies, projects and initiatives.

The Poverty Eradication Unit established in 2005 was set up to coordinate the poverty alleviation programs of all ministries, departments and government agencies.



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