The SFCCO is the monitoring and coordinating body reporting to the Prime Minister.
Amongst others, its key role is to ensure the effective mainstreaming and implementation of the SFC and RDSSED.

Specifically the SFCCO will:
  1. ensure the SFC and RDSSED are marketed extensively through the media, and public outreach and consultation programmes;
  2. ensure the mainstreaming of the SFC and RDSSED into Ministries and Departments Strategic 2010– 2014 and Annual Corporate Plans;
  3. provide support to Ministry of National Planning on capital and PSIP projects monitoring and implementation;
  4. support the PSC in the performance review of permanent secretaries;
  5. monitor, audit and review implementation agencies including ministries and departments;
  6. provide regular update reports to Cabinet, Military Council, DSC, PSC and other key stakeholders;
  7. provide advice and support to the Prime Minister and Cabinet on issues pertaining to the RDSSED and SFC; and
  8. Provide necessary support to the Ministry of Information on public relations and media programmes to ensure nationwide participation and ownership.

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