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“Share your triumphs, lessons learnt so others may achieve 

like you have today”, said Acting Permanent Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister (PS OPM), Mr. Naipote Katonit-abua when addressing the parade.

For the past 62 years, Secondary schools in Fiji have been participating in the rich tradition of cadet passing-out parades.
On Thursday 25th June, 2015 one such school in Vanua Levu held its cadet pass-out parade for its 190 students.

Nabala Secondary school which is located in the coastal district of Sasa in Macuata, Vanua Levu, held the momentous occasion in their School grounds.
Officiating as the Chief Guest at the occasion Mr. Katonitabua, spoke highly of the high standard turnout, the drill and bearing demon-strated by the cadets.
He also commended the cadets on the preci-sion and discipline in their performance.

Acting PS OPM also congratulated the cadets on their achievement and advised them to share their achievements with others, the lessons they had learnt throughout their cadet training will help future cadets achieve their dreams of being a cadet just like they have.
The parade ended with the honoring of three cadets with prizes of best cadet, best platoon captain and best performance.

The prizes awarded were; Best Detachment which was received by Detachment Com-mander Mary Davai , Best Female Cadet which was awarded to Biwaqa Sekola and Best Male Cadet which was awarded to Uliaisi Seduadua.
The program which initially began in 2009 had a lapse of 2 years and was revived in 2015 through a police cadet programme which was coordinated by a retired policeman Mr. Danie-le Mainavatuwai.
The programme was established to assist the school with instilling discipline in students’ performance.

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