Navuso Linking Bridge

  • Double lane 104.88m long and 9.1m wide bridge constructed by China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group Limited was completed in 2009.
  • Total cost - $FJ6 m
  • Site preparation cost, payment of duty, VAT and taxes on the importation of goods met by Fiji.

Fertilizer Assistance For The Sugar And Non-Sugar Agricultural Sectors

  • Fertilizer assistance as follows were received to assist farmers in Fiji:
  • 1st shipment of 602.8 tons – December 2009
  • 2nd shipment of 572.2 tons – January 2010
  • Total Value - $FJ 1.7m

Assistance to the Textile, Clothing and Footwear [TCF] Sector.

  • The DCFD Unit facilitated the visit in Feb. 2009 of a six-member Chinese technical mission which surveyed and assessed the development requirements of the TCF sector.
  • The report of the Technical Mission has been actioned by the line agency responsible – the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
  • A key part of the Mission’s recommendation is to upgrade local TCF capabilities through enhanced Human Resource Development and training.
  • TPAF and industry representatives have also been enjoined to assist with implementation aspects of the Mission’s sectoral report.

Fiji Multi-Purpose Vessel

  • This project involves the provision of a multi-purpose cargo vessel at a cost of about $6.8 million.
  • All project formalities were completed in June 2010 and the ship is due for delivery to Fiji in May – June, 2011.
  • The vessel will be managed by the Department of Fisheries once local commissioning trials are completed.

Edible Fungi-Mushroom and Dry Land Rice Cultivation

  • This project outline has been developed by the Ministry for Primary Industries.
  • It involves a project feasibility and sustainability study for mushroom cultivation and dry land rice cultivation.
  • Component costs requested are: Administration, Facilitation and Monitoring $613,300-00 / Mushroom Cultivation $111,000-00 / Dry Land Rice Cultivation $72,300-00 – Total = $796,600-00.
  • A Chinese Government Technical Mission has completed a feasibility study and follow-up is coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Supply of Construction and Engineering Equipment and Accessories

  • This project has provided to Government civil construction and engineering equipment valued at between $3 – 4million and landed in Fiji from China in January 2011.
  • The equipment and accessories include graders and trucks and are designated for rural development deployment taskings through the RFMF Engineers Regiment.