1. Written request by communities are submitted through the respective Provincial Administrator’s Office who then draws up Project Papers for further submission to the Prime Minister’s Office via the Divisional Commissioner’s Office.
  2. The request once received at the Prime Minister’s Office is vetted and scrutinized against the guidelines for SGS assistance by the Development Cooperation and Facilitation Division (DCFD).
  3. After assessment, DCFD submits the project proposal to the Permanent Secretary for consideration.
  4. The Permanent Secretary then with his recommendation submits it to the Prime Minister, who is the approving authority for the funding of assistance under the SGS program. 
  5. The approved assistance follows the same channel as the submission of the project proposal before it is finally handed over to the recipient community.

Important Points To Note

  1. Assistance is granted only for community based projects and not to individuals for which no allocations are provided by other line Ministries and Departments.
  2. Project proposal must comply with all standing Government Accounting procedures such as the submission of at least three competitive quotations, in the case of the supply of goods and services.  All quotations must be consistent and should have identical material listing.
  3. As applicable in the case of construction of buildings and structures, necessary building plan with a bill of quantity, land title/consent must be provided by the applicant.
  4. A supporting or a technical advice as appropriate must be obtained and attached as part of the project proposal.
  5. Request must be accompanied by supporting original documents i.e. letters of requests, quotations etc.
  6. The requirement that all requests should be submitted to the Prime Minister for his approval is to enable the Prime Minister’s Office to ensure that there is no duplication with assistance provided by other line Ministries and Departments.