Kadavu witnessing the “winds of change”: Mr. Cagituevei

The people of Kadavu are witnessing the winds of change.

These were the words of the Principal Administrative Officer at the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO), Mr. Kisoko Cagituevei, who recently concluded a two week public relations consultations programme in Kadavu late last month.

“People are appreciative of the way changes are being undertaken through the plans and programmes put in place by the Government. The development assistance programmes are intended to improve people’s livelihoods to ensure that they are economically empowered,” said Mr. Cagituevei.

The prime objective of the consultations in Kadavu was to disseminate Government intentions and empower people during this political development phase. This is in accordance with the SFC timeline where Government’s main effort will be towards political development.

“We have witnessed the shift from economic development to political development phase in preparation for the final stages of the constitutional processes,” said the Principal PR Officer.

As people move from subsistence level to commercial farming, Mr. Cagituevei urged the people of Kadavu to change their mindset by utilising their abundant resources properly and gradually shift away from the “dependency syndrome”. In doing this, it will also create economic stability in preparations for elections.

The PR consultations also provided the space for people to air their grievances and concerns on issues that affect their daily lives. In addition, the people of Kadavu had asked for more visits and consultations of this nature to ensure that they are reliably informed of Government’s intent.

The Public Relations team led by Mr. Cagituevei also met with the village and religious leaders in the communities visited, Provincial Councils and Provincial Administrators’ to discuss about the potential development projects in Kadavu.

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