In line with the Fiji Government’s commitment to providing reliable power supply to every Fijian, Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka today commissioned the Korotasere solar electrification project in Cakaudrove.
Korotasere becomes the second village to have received solar power this week, the first being Lakeba Village in Saqani.
Both projects were commissioned by the Prime Minister.
Hon. Rabuka, in his address, commended the villagers for working with government and for initiating self-help projects to benefit the community.
He took the opportunity to highlight the importance of doing “our part” as a community before seeking assistance to the government of the day.
As government works to address the national debt issue, Prime Minister Rabuka told the villagers that it was only proper that “we spend money wisely to accommodate the increasing demand for infrastructure, and assistance on agriculture and social needs, among others”.
He said people should focus on utilising available resources for daily survival instead of relying on government for assistance all the time.
The head of government also stressed that the support from the vanua and grassroots people would certainly pave the way for more socio-economic opportunities.
In his concluding remarks, the Prime Minister urged the villagers particularly, youths to be law-abiding citizens.
He also called for the protection of women and girls in the community because they hold a special place in a family.
District representative Mr Wakeini Melo, on behalf of the villagers, expressed their sincere appreciation to the government for the great assistance.
He said about 108 households from six villages will now benefit from the solar home system project.
Mr Melo added they have been crying for this project for decades but now, their prayers were finally answered.
The solar project will cater for the charging of mobile phones and laptops, and also the use of appliances such as TV, small radio and table fan.
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