Micro-Small Medium Enterprises Business Grant – Navua

The Hon PM officiated at the Micro and Small Business Grant programme in Thomson Park, Navua on Saturday 18th March 2017.
549 recipients in Navua, most of whom are from the provinces of Serua and Namosi were given the grant after a careful and thorough assessment by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism and Fiji Development Bank.

“The Micro and Small Business Grant Facility is an important undertaking of the Fijian Government because we firmly believe that MSMEs are a catalyst for economic growth and job creation. We plan to continue this initiative and make it bigger and better in the future. The Fijian Government is also exploring ways to provide further support to micro, small and medium enterprises,” said Mr Bainimarama.

“Since the beginning of this micro- and small-business grant initiative we have been able to bring 6,622 micro and small businesses into the formal sector.
The micro and small businesses also develop the community, and they are able to use these micro-grants to establish a new business or expand their existing business. This leads to growth in the community, by creating employment and giving people disposable income to purchase products and services”.
Mr Bainimarama also urged everyone to take ownership of this opportunity and use the grant assistance for its intended purposes.
“Work hard in your various businesses, and never be satisfied with where you are. Always look to the future, and to growth. My Government believes in you, and that’s why we have invested the people’s money in you and placed our trust in you”.
There have been success stories of the Grant Initiative and positive results on the impact of these grants.

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