Minister commends ICO’s advocacy work

“The PR Officers competencies in delivering substantive and relevant presentations and sound communication skills have enabled them to be effective agents of advocacy work”.
Those were the words echoed by the Minister for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Jiko Luveni during her tour of the Koro Island whereby she duly acknowledged the professionalism and commitment of the PR Officers, Mr. Epeli Vuase, with Mr. Suliano Jese, in carrying out the advocacy work.

Minister Dr. Luveni also appreciated the willingness of the PR Officers to do the traditional presentations when needed and rounding off the “Talanoa Sessions” held with the villagers.
PR Officers, Mr. Vuase, together with Mr. Jese, carried out consultations awareness on disseminating Government’s intent in the Koro Island from May 12th to 27th. They also distributed copies of the 2013 Constitution booklets to the villagers.

Assistant Roko Tui Lomaiviti Mr. T Rokotakala also expressed his gratitude towards the PR Officers in handling complex politically based questions, maturity and proficiency in dealing with the people in rural villages and the people of Koro are thus relieved that their doubts have been cleared through the messages delivered by the PR Officers.

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