The new extension at the Saolo Village evacuation centre in the district of Wainunu in Bua is a result of good partnership between the government and the villagers.
Yesterday, the villagers celebrated the fruits of their labour when Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka commissioned the new extension to the centre.
Prime Minister Rabuka told the villagers he was impressed with the partnership, adding it was a good example to achieving bigger and greater things.
The youths and women of Saolo took the lead role in the construction of the new extension.
About 28 households with a population of 83 villagers are expected to benefit from the project.
Prime Minister Rabuka, at the same time, urged the youths to utilise their God-given talents and also use their time wisely.
He stressed the importance of making good use of the land, fishing grounds and other resources around us for sources of living.
The head of the coalition government also encouraged the youths to continue to learn from their elders as this was a “compass to a better life”.
Village headman Mr Eminoni Rokotovitovi said they were grateful to have the Prime Minister, saying his presence certainly has boosted their morale to keep working together for more developments in the village.
He said that they were the ones taking the lead role in developing their village as their elders were now old.
The idea of “solesolevaki”, he added continued to drive the 34 youths daily whereby they converged on certain days of the week to embark on projects such as footpath construction for the benefit of the villagers.
The youths collected more than $9000 for the installation of a solar system in the evacuation centre.
The youths’ financial contribution to the project was through the sale of yaqona which they had collectively planted some years ago.
The project, which cost more than $11,000 was implemented by the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development.
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