Peace and Love Will Bring Blessing to Our Nation: PM Rabuka

Where there is unity, God commands his blessings.
This was the core message of the Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka when he addressed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff and the Fijian diplomats serving overseas who joined virtually at a welcoming ceremony for him and Assistant Prime Minister Honorable Sakiusa Tubuna held at the GCC complex in Suva.
Before delivering his speech, the Prime Minister was briefed by the foreign serving diplomats who also introduced their staff and congratulated the head of government and their Minister.
In his speech, Prime Minister Rabuka stressed the importance of good relationships saying that the Government aims to promote good relationships.
“This is the aim of Government and every ministry, but particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, It’s all about relationships. It’s all about our work to promote good relationships. Not our people, our citizens, and in the diaspora but to all, all the countries you represent us in and all the people in those countries.”
“You probably recall one of the announcements I made towards the end of the campaign season “let love shine” as a beacon, as a guiding principle in the matter that the party I lead working towards elections and in government, in case we win the majority, which we did not but we got for the first time elected a prime minister on the floor of our parliament since independence.”
“This is what governments are all about and this is what we as a ministry in Fiji and abroad should be doing. We want people to live together peacefully,” stressed the Prime Minister.
“When we live together peacefully, we can look forward to the blessings of God. It is proper that we live together peaceably with love.”
The Prime Minister further said that although we are now constitutionally a secular state, one point in Christian living we must aspire to is to live our lives loving one another.
“We must aspire to help one another, to be a brother to our neighbors, to be a friend to our neighbors, to be a neighbor to our neighbor’s, brothers and sisters, particularly to those who are having difficulty and those who are in pain emotionally, physically, or whatever way they are having problems and pain.”
“They are the ones we are called to serve as a government, as a ministry, and our missions abroad.”
PM Rabuka further stated that the task ahead would not be easy.
“Now I’m back in the office, and it will be much more difficult than the first time. But the first time, I was allowed to make mistakes because I didn’t know.”
He adds that Rome was not built in the day, and rebuilding Rome took a lot longer than it took to build Rome.
“So now, at the beginning of our journey together in this ministry, I call on everyone to be loyal, serve peacefully, serve diligently and look after the people you’re supposed to be looking after.”
“I know nobody expects me to make any mistakes, so I’m very cautious. We have to be very cautious and if people think we are too slow in doing what we’re doing, we ask you all to be patient with us.”
“You are all here for Fiji and Fijians.”
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