PM Rabuka Acknowledges Teachers’ Contribution to the Nation

The Hon Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka was accorded a Fijian traditional welcome ceremony by the Fiji Confederation of Teachers at the FTA hall yesterday (January 19th, 2023).
The occasion which was attended by members of the confederation, marked their appreciation towards the government of the day on recent announcements in relation to teachers and also to pledge their allegiance to the coalition government.
Whilst delivering his official remarks, Prime Minister Rabuka stated, that the importance of teachers and their outstanding log of complaints demonstrates the difficulty some people have in fathoming the importance of their professions.
“There are times when everyone will be called to do something for the good of the nation. As teachers, you and those of us in Parliament have been called to do something for our nation.”
“When there is a need for us to rebuild, compromise is not enough. Each of us will have to make sacrifices,” the Prime Minister added.
“Thank you and all your predecessors who have taught our children over the years that has seen great leaders come and go. We have seen great men and women come and go and we acknowledge how great they were, but very few of us look behind them and see the men and women who taught them in school.”
Speaking on behalf of the Fiji Teachers Union, Mr. Muniappa Goundar said the teachers are happy and ready to engage in dialogue with the government.
“Your coalition government sir is a symbol of unity for our country and I can assure you of our allegiance,” said Mr. Goundar
“Trade Unions thrive and do well in an environment of freedom and under true democracy. We are appreciative of the fact that the Ministry of Education has invited us for a free and fair discussion on educational issues after so long,” Mr Goundar added.
A talanoa session with the Prime Minister and Minister for Education Hon. Aseri Radrodro convened after the traditional welcome ceremony that allowed the members of the Fiji Teachers Confederation to raise their concerns regarding their welfares.
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