Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka officiated at the re-opening of the Damodar City Aquatic Centre and National Hockey Centre at Suva’s Laucala Bay earlier this afternoon.
The China-Aid project represented Fiji and China’s shared history, steadfast dedication, cooperation and commitment.
Prime Minister Rabuka, in his official address, highlighted that these venues have evolved into beacons of talent, sportsmanship, and dreams over the past two decades.
“Their significance extends beyond the realm of sports, symbolising Fiji’s enduring spirit, determination, and extraordinary sporting achievements,” he said.
Hon. Rabuka added that the facilities played a pivotal role in enhancing Fiji’s diplomatic and economic relationships.
“They serve as beacons of global sporting excellence, attracting international events and championships, positioning Fiji as a prominent global sporting destination,” he stated.
“The importance of these venues transcend economic considerations; they are instrumental in our comprehensive youth development initiatives.”
Additionally, the Prime Minister remarked that the facilities exemplified cultural exchange and people-to-people connections, representing not only sites for athletic competitions but also conduits for deepening cultural understanding between our nations.
Commenting on Fiji and China’s diplomatic relations, Hon. Rabuka said he is optimistic about the future of our partnership.
“These venues stand as living testaments to our enduring cooperation, paving the way for even deeper collaborations in the years to come.”
China’s Ambassador to Fiji, His Excellency Mr. ZHOU Jian said at the event that the project, launched in June 2022, demonstrated China’s firm support for Fiji’s sporting industry.
“This project demonstrates the positive momentum of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Fiji.”
“China and Fiji are good friends who respect each other, good partners who seek common development, and good brothers who share the same vision.”
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