PM Rabuka Urges Civil Servants Not to Work in Fear

Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka urged the civil servants in the North to continue to serve the public with due diligence and without fear.
While addressing the government heads of department on his first official tour of the North, as the newly-elected Prime Minister of Fiji, he said the coalition government that he leads will continue to stand in partnership and in unity for a common purpose.
“The core function of the government is to assist the people and its also the core function of society and the community to try every way they can to help the government,” Prime Minister Rabuka said.
“Continue to serve the people well and don’t do your work in fear. We need to be united. Unity and joint effort between society and government is crucial in order to build a better and stronger Fiji. Where there is unity, God commands His blessings.”
Prime Minister Rabuka also highlighted the importance of exercising freedom of expression among civil servants should they feel the need to speak up on certain issues.
While commenting on the employment contracts of civil servants, he advised the HODs in the North to expedite the submission of necessary details and documents of their staff so proper procedures and processes can be followed to integrate the new employment initiative of the coalition government.
Prime Minister Rabuka further highlighted that the government aims to cooperate with the people as this will promote the development of our nation.
Meanwhile, he conveyed his sincere appreciation to the civil servants for the “job well done” so far and encouraged them to continue to deliver excellent services.
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