“Fiji Airways stands as a symbol of the excellence Fiji can reach. It is our current model for progress, a source of national pride, and proof positive that our small country can compete commercially with the world’s best.”

This was shared by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka while officiating as the chief guest at Fiji Airways this afternoon (15/08/23).

In a momentous occasion that brought together innovation, aviation, and national pride, the Prime Minister graced the welcome ceremony for the newest addition to the Fiji Airways fleet—the A350 aircraft named “Island of Beqa.”

In his address, he emphasised the profound impact that the new A350 would have on Fiji’s tourism, trade, and economic growth.

“With the addition of The Island of Beqa, Fiji Airways is also sending a signal that our nation is moving forward into an era of renewal, revitalization, and growth.”

“The experts at Fiji Airways calculate that, compared to 2019, the airline may now have up to 40 percent more passenger capacity, depending on route schedules.”

“It doesn’t stop there. Fiji Airways is carefully considering acquiring more aircraft and increasing capacity on some existing routes. Feasibility studies are ongoing on potential new routes. Some of them connect to very large markets.”

The Prime Minister also expressed gratitude to Fiji Airways for their dedication to enhancing Fiji’s global connectivity and fostering economic growth.



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