• The Minister for Youth and Sports, Honorable Jese Saukuru;
  • Cabinet Ministers;
  • Members of the Diplomatic Corps;
  • Representatives from Fiji’s Business Sector;
  • Members of the Fiji Sporting Communities;
  • Distinguished Guests;
  • Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ni sa Bula Vina’a and a Very Good Afternoon to you All.

It is with great pleasure and pride for me to join you this afternoon in the re-opening the newly refurbished tracks of the National HFC Bank Stadium.

The HFC Bank Stadium holds a special place in the hearts of many, as it has been the venue for countless memorable sporting events and competitions over the years. Today, we celebrate not only the re-opening of this iconic Tracks, but also acknowledge the commitment and dedication of all those involved in making this refurbishment a reality.

Since its establishment, the HFC Bank Stadium has been a symbol of sporting excellence, a place where dreams are forged and champions are made. It is a venue where athletes from all walks of life converge to push the boundaries of human potential and inspire generations to come.

Your Coalition government has worked tirelessly through the Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with the Fiji Sports Council, and Sphynx Solution to bring you the best. This has resulted in the renovation of our National HFC Bank Stadium tracks to be of international standards, symbolizing our dedication to promoting health, wellness, and active lifestyles within our nation.

The newly refurbished tracks is a testament to your Coalition government’s commitment to investing in sports infrastructure and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all our citizens. These tracks will provide athletes with a world-class facility to train and compete and will undoubtedly attract top talent from around the country and beyond.

But this stadium is not just for elite athletes. It is a place for everyone to come together to cheer on their favorite teams, to push themselves to new limits, and to create lasting memories with friends and family. It is a place where dreams are born, and champions are made.

As we stand here today, let us not forget the importance of sports in our society. Sports have the power to bring people together, to be an inspiration and a symbol of unity for a common purpose. Let us use this stadium as a platform to promote unity, diversity, and inclusivity in all aspects of our lives.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the CEO of the Fiji Sports Council, Ratu Gilbert Vakalalabure and your team, Minister for Youth and Sports, Honorable Jese Saukuru and your Ministry, Sphynx Solution, and all those who have worked tirelessly to make this refurbishment possible. Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and we are truly grateful for all that you have done.

I am confident that the newly refurbished tracks at the National HFC Bank Stadium will serve as a platform for our athletes to excel and achieve their full potential. Let us all come together to celebrate this momentous occasion and continue to support our sporting community in their pursuit of excellence.

Let us continue to support our athletes as they strive for greatness on the world stage and let us harness the power of sport to inspire and unite our nation, now and for generations to come.

Thank you and may the spirit of sportsmanship and unity guide us as we move forward into a bright and promising future.

With these few words, I am happy to officially open our Newly Refurbished Tracks.




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