PR Officers attend Tikina Meetings

Over the month of February, the Public Relations Officers of the Public Relations and Media Division (PRMD) attended 13 Tikina Council Meetings.

Upon receiving invitations from the Provincial Councils 2 PR teams were dispersed; one of which was led by Principle Administrative Officer, Mr. Kisoko Cagituevei while the other was led by PR Coordinator, Mr. Epeli Vuase.

Mr. Cagituevei attended the council meetings in Rewa and Tailevu while Mr. Vuase attended the meetings in Nadroga/Navosa.

In increasing the visibility of the office the teams were encouraged to participate in the discussions extensively as a means to better understand the needs of the people and further to allow people to clarify doubts, misconceptions or misunderstandings of Government’s development plans.

The team’s presentations focused primarily on 3 critical areas; the 2013 Constitution, Gender Development and Empowerment and Government’s Development Plans.

“Women need to be involved more in the development issues within the Koro”, reiterated Mr. Cagituevei.

Although majority of those in attendance were male, the officers used the opportunity to discuss the need for women to be involved in more meetings and also called on the support of the men to empower more women to participate in decision making especially on issues related to development.

During the discussion portion at the end of the presentation, the officers noted that despite the difference in the Provinces the development concerns were very similar; utilities and accessibility, of which are being attended to by the respective agencies and ministries that were also present.


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