“Preserve your unique identity”: Mr. Nath

“Our unique identity, as pertaining to our traditions, customs, culture and language are now firmly entrenched in the preamble of the 2013 Constitution”.
Those were the sentiments echoed by Mr. Aman Nath, the Information Officer at PRMD during the Shri Sanatan Dharam 55th Annual Convention at Prince Charles Park in Nadi on Sunday, April 20th, 2014.
Whilst delivering his key-note address as the Chief-Guest, Mr. Nath stated that the Fijian Government had declared in the preamble of the 2013 Constitution that we are all Fijians united by common and equal citizenry. Furthermore, the proclamation of a secular state is a testimony of the Government’s efforts in forging a united and better Fiji which thrives on equality and dignity for all, regardless of race, culture and religion.
“You are all present to witness our Bhajan artists showcasing their unique talents. Hence, we must not forget the enormous contribution made by the Women’s Wing and Youth Council in making this event a success. Therefore, it is essential that we empower our women and youths,” said Mr. Nath.
The Information Officer also challenged the Sanatan Dharam to bolster unity amongst their members to accelerate progress for the common good of the organization.
Mr. Nath thanked the Sanatan Dharam for the untiring support it has given to the Government by recognizing its fundamental mission to build a multi-racial Fiji.
Shree Sanatan Dharam Pritinidhi Sabha National President Mr. Sarju Prasad also conveyed his sincere gratitude towards the Government for laying the foundations of inclusiveness and equality for all.

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