Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka congratulated the pioneers of the Shalom Pentecostal Church in Suva yesterday for upholding their faith in spreading the gospel.
While addressing the congregation during the church’s 22nd anniversary celebrations,
Prime Minister Rabuka stated that the establishment of the church was a story of faith and hope, and that they ‘were grateful for the opportunity to share this milestone achievement’.
“Today, we celebrate more than two decades of your work in preaching the gospel, showing God’s love, saving souls and bringing our people closer to the Kingdom of God”.
“I am told that the Shalom Pentecostal started as a mere small group which quickly grew to become a blessing to many families who sought peace in their homes, longed for a sense of purpose in their lives and prayed for a community their families could cling to during difficult times”.
The Prime Minister also reaffirmed that the Coalition Government acknowledges the work done by religious organisations saying; “under this new administration, you all have a place in nation rebuilding, providing much needed love and support for every citizens of this great nation, that we all call home”.
In his concluding remarks, Prime Minister Rabuka emphasised on the doctrine-“Let Love Shine”.
“Our doctrine of love is the basis from which we work to achieve unity, peace, prosperity and happiness”, the Prime Minister stated.
“We will recognise always that the authority we exercise is not for us but for you, the people. We are not your masters but your servants.
“ We will be just and fair, abiding by the rule of law and the standards of democracy that put the people first”, Prime Minister Rabuka added.
The Shalom Pentecostal Church was established in 2001 by Reverend Shalendra Kumar and his wife Ms. Roshni Devi at their Makoi home. Now, the Shalom Pentecostal Church is now home to many people living along the Suva-Nausori corridor.
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