Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka attended the 78th Anniversary celebrations of the United Nations held in Suva this evening.
The event, which took place at the Grand Pacific Hotel, brought together diplomats, government officials, and representatives from various international organisations.
Founded in 1945, the 78th Anniversary celebrations of the United Nations (UN) serves as a significant platform to acknowledge the immense contributions of the UN in shaping the international landscape and fostering inclusive development.
Prime Minister Rabuka’s presence at this event highlights Fiji’s dedication to multilateralism and its active engagement in global affairs reaffirming Fiji’s commitment to global peace, cooperation, and sustainable development.
Speaking on behalf of the Fiji Government, Acting Chief of Protocol Rosa Dalituicama, delivered a keynote address, emphasising the importance of international collaboration in addressing pressing global challenges.
She highlighted Fiji’s unwavering commitment to the principles and values enshrined in the United Nations Charter, including the promotion of human rights, social progress, and environmental sustainability.
As a longstanding member state, Fiji is committed to upholding the principles of the United Nations and acknowledges UN in working towards a more peaceful and prosperous world in shaping the global agenda and contributing to the collective efforts aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).
As Fiji continues to navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century, the Coalition Government reaffirms Fiji’s dedication to fostering international cooperation and finding collaborative solutions to global issues.
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