Parents, Students, and staff of Queen Victoria School were captivated by a powerful and emotional speech delivered by the Prime Minister, Hon Sitiveni Rabuka, as he officiated at the reviewing of the Queen Victoria School (QVS) Cadets on Saturday (01/07/23) at the Nukuvuto Grounds.
The air was filled with anticipation and pride as Prime Minister Rabuka, a distinguished alumnus and former Head Boy of the school, addressed the young cadets, inspiring them to embrace their responsibilities and strive for greatness.
With a sense of nostalgia, Prime Minister Rabuka reflected on his journey through the halls of QVS, reminding the cadets of the incredible potential that lies within them. His voice resonated with sincerity and passion, as he acknowledged the hard work and dedication that the cadets had demonstrated during their Barrack Week.
Amidst heartfelt applause, the Prime Minister extended his gratitude to the staff and members of the Fiji Military Forces who had played a significant role in training the cadets. He commended their discipline, highlighting how their precision and skill rivaled that of seasoned soldiers.
As the ceremony progressed, a moment of reverence was observed for those who had contributed to the legacy of QVS. Prime Minister Rabuka expressed his gratitude to those listening in from overseas and to those who had prayed for the school and the nation. With a heartfelt plea, he called upon divine intervention, praying for the cadets’ future success and well-being.
Prime Minister Rabuka, who was also an awardee of the Baton of Honor, spoke with unwavering conviction, exalting the greatness of Queen Victoria School (QVS) and attributing its success to the illustrious leaders who had passed through its hallowed halls over the years.
With passion in his voice, he passionately urged the cadets to recognize the immense potential that lay within each of them and to honor the dedicated investments made by their teachers and devoted staff. His words echoed with inspiration, leaving the young cadets with a newfound sense of purpose and determination to embrace their roles as future leaders of Fiji.
The Prime Minister urged the cadets to maintain the high standards set by their predecessors but also to excel beyond them. He emphasized the importance of discipline, not just within the confines of the school but also as future servants of the people, the Vanua (community), and the Lotu (religion).
The presentation of the new colors further symbolized the trust bestowed upon the cadets and the need to uphold the values they represented.
The New colors were proudly donated by QVS ex-scholars in the British Army and replaced the old one introduced in 1952 and is now 70 years old.
Amidst the proud atmosphere, the Prime Minister took a moment to remember those who had contributed to the nation’s growth, particularly those who had served with dedication and those who had made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation.
He mentioned Corporal Sukanaia Sukanaivalu VC, who lost his life in Bougainville, as well as the late Ms. Taufa Vakatale, one of the first female students to grace QVS.
Their courage and commitment served as powerful examples to the current generation.
In an inspiring call to action, the Prime Minister encouraged the cadets to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Drawing from his own experience, he shared how his dream of becoming a soldier had shaped his life, culminating in his role as Commander.
He implored the cadets to embrace their roots and become shining examples of young Fijians ready to lead and excel in their chosen fields.
Prime Minister Rabuka’s journey from the humble classrooms of QVS to the highest echelons of leadership exemplified the limitless potential of the students before him. He encouraged them to recognize that every drop of goodness they encountered while in this esteemed institution could be transformed into a reservoir of greatness.
The Prime Minister reminded them that the true measure of their time at QVS would be seen in their future contributions to society, the Vanua, and their faith.
The cadets stood tall, knowing they had witnessed a moment of profound significance. They were inspired to embrace the challenges that lay ahead, with the conviction that they would become beacons of hope and ambassadors of excellence for their families, communities, and their beloved Fiji.
With their heads held high, the cadets celebrated their achievements at the parade, grateful for the Prime Minister’s words of encouragement and stood ready to embark on their future endeavors, prepared to leave an indelible mark on the world, and eager to fulfill the promises they had made to their school, their nation, and themselves.
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