The Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka officially inaugurated the largest capacity expansion project for FIJI Water at Yaqara in Ra today.
The $140 million expansion project encompasses two new state-of-the-art speed production lines installed at the company plant.
PM Rabuka, in his official address, commended the founders of The Wonderful Company and co-owners of FIJI Water, Lynda and Stewart Resnick, for their unwavering commitment to community well-being and environmental sustainability.
He expressed gratitude to Mr and Mrs Resnick for their exemplary leadership and adherence to the mantra of supporting the well-being of employees and their families.
“The last time I was here at the FIJI Water complex was way back in 1996 during my first term as Prime Minister when I was invited to open your original water bottling plant. Now, 28 years later, I’m glad to see how this iconic and global brand –“FIJI WATER” – continues to grow in leaps and bounds as today we mark yet another milestone,” he said.
PM Rabuka highlighted the remarkable impact of the FIJI Water Foundation, which, over the last decade, has invested more than $17 million in various projects nationwide, benefitting thousands of lives across Fiji.
“The Foundation has also supported a number of efforts aimed at strengthening local infrastructure across Naiyalayala. In collaboration with the village water committees, it has supported the ongoing maintenance of clean water sources to the villages of Naseyani, Nananu, Rabulu, Togovere, and Drauniivi, with more initiatives underway,” he stated.
“I am also proud to declare that Earth’s finest water is now sourced from one of the most advanced water factories globally,” he added.
The Prime Minister, at the same time, praised FIJI Water’s commitment to providing a safe and innovative workplace for its nearly 400 employees.
Highlighting the positive impact on the economy, the Head of the Peoples Coalition Government further remarked, “The capacity expansion project will increase our export potential and further boost our foreign exchange earnings”.
“This investment demonstrates FIJI Water’s confidence in Fiji and its commitment to expanding operations in our country.”
He reaffirmed the Coalition Government’s dedication to supporting both foreign and local investors, emphasising the creation of an enabling environment to make Fiji a friendly and stable country for investment.
The Prime Minister expressed optimism that such investments would generate employment opportunities and improve the standard of living for the people in Fiji.
In its effort to deepend its longstanding commitment to sustainable practices, FIJI Water has invested $300 million in various operational upgrades since 2011, which include installing a new bottling line in 2016, and transitioning 48 percent of its manufacturing process into recycled plastic in 2023.
The latest project also incorporates technologies that are designed to reduce the facility’s environmental footprints while meeting the growing global demand for Earth’s finest water now and for generations to come.
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