Brussels, 03 February, 2024– The Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka met with the Fiji community residing in Europe last night.
They travelled from as far as Paris, the Netherlands and Geneva to meet with the Prime Minister.
The PM took the opportunity to provide an update on the latest development plans and ongoing progress of the People’s Coalition Government.
Prime Minister Rabuka expressed the nation’s gratitude for the generous assistance that continue to flow from the diaspora which contributes to the prosperity and development of their homeland.
He acknowledged the valuable role they play in supporting Fiji’s growth and development from afar.
PM Rabuka recognised that this is made possible by their hard work, success and prosperity in their adopted homes over the seas.
The Prime Minister, at the same time, encouraged the diaspora to stay connected with their loved ones back home, emphasising the importance of maintaining strong ties with family and friends.
The PM also reiterated that Fiji was open for business and encouraged them to consider investing back home and that the Government is eager to facilitate their investment in Fiji.
He also emphasised that the children, and descendants of former Fiji citizens are now entitled to enter and reside in Fiji without permit with changes to the Immigration laws in 2023 by the People’s Coalition.
After the traditional formalities, a town-hall style talanoa session was held where the Fijian community directly engaged with Prime Minister Rabuka, facilitating the open exchange of ideas and perspectives.
The talanoa centered on partnerships to further enhance the relationship between Fiji and its diaspora in Europe.
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