Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka highlighted the need for more dialogue and learning opportunities for human resources personnel in the country while officiating as chief guest at the 2023 BSP Life Fiji Human Resources Institute Annual Convention in Nadi today.
Hon. Rabuka said it was crucial to drive productivity within our people for a better workforce.
“Focus on ensuring networking among human resources officers and teach them to implement strategies on leading their organisations forward,” he urged the convention organisers.
More than 300 human resources personnel from various organisations, including government ministries are part of the two-day convention.
The convention encourages the exchange of breakthrough ideas and best practices among human resources professionals to overcome challenges and barriers within their organisations.
The Prime Minister also highlighted the importance of developing the employment market for our people.
“Fiji has benefitted from Australia and New Zealand through their labour schemes as many people are going across and the feedback has been phenomenal,” he added.
“The nation or the country is stabilised, and you will notice here on Denarau that there has been an increase in the number of tourists. If we all contribute, we will create that atmosphere of confidence in our people to grow.
“We need people who are capable of learning and absorbing the newer and the newest technologies and methods of the application of what they have learned.”
Hon. Rabuka took the opportunity to acknowledge the work done by those in human resources as they are critical in any organisation because of their important role in dealing with people.
“We, in the government, appreciate what you do. Work with your government, tell us what’s wrong with us, and tell us what can be done to better those that we lead and command.”
The Head of the Coalition Government also thanked the Fiji Human Resources Institute for its contribution towards our human resource development over the past years.
He also encouraged the Institute to involve more leaders during and after their conference.
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