Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has embarked on his official tour of the Western division, commencing with a meeting with civil servants.
During the meeting, the Prime Minister reiterated the crucial role of civil servants as the driving force behind the effective functioning of the government machinery.
He emphasised that while politicians are elected to lead, the implementation of policies and the fulfillment of public aspirations depend on the dedicated efforts of civil servants.
The Prime Minister articulated the People’s Coalition Government’s vision for the nation, emphasising the collective endeavor to realise Fiji’s full potential across all spheres of national development; “It will not be easy. One of the first challenges is to repair the damage to the nation we inherited when we came to power in December.”
Acknowledging the challenges inherited upon assuming office in December, Prime Minister Rabuka emphasised the ongoing efforts towards infrastructure rehabilitation and reconstruction, with a focus on addressing critical deficiencies in essential sectors such as roads, bridges, water supplies, healthcare, education, and electricity provisions.
“As you know there was deterioration in infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water supplies, health and education amenities and more. I include among the deficiencies the constant interruption in electricity supplies,” Prime Minister Rabuka said.
“We are now engaged on rehabilitation and reconstruction and acknowledge it will take some time to accomplish this.”
Emphasising the significance of the Civil Service in the nation’s progress, Prime Minister Rabuka lauded the workforce’s commitment and highlighted their pivotal role in administering and advancing Fiji.
He urged those present to be innovative, and dynamic Civil Service, emphasising the need for increased efficiency and improved services to meet the public’s expectations effectively.
“You belong to an organisation at the very forefront of the making of the new Fiji – united, free of oppression, prosperous and peaceful. You are all senior executives in this great machine for administering and progressing Fiji. Your responsibility is great. It is underscored by the West’s position at the heart of the economy.”
The Prime Minister concluded by emphasising the government’s dedication to streamlining bureaucratic processes to facilitate a more conducive environment for investors.
He called for the active participation of civil servants in this endeavor to ensure the facilitation of a smoother investment landscape.
“We are pressing ahead with our broader plans for better amenities, improving education and health services, and promoting investments. We are focused on better pay, creating more jobs, lifting people out of poverty, maintaining and improving social welfare. And, of course, we are managing our national finances and getting to grips with the mountain of inherited debt.”
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