PRMD Presents at Agriculture induction Workshop

ICO Public Relations and Media Division conducted presentations on the Peoples Charter for Change Peace and Progress to close to 70 staff members of the Ministry of Agriculture during the ministry’s Induction Training programme at Nausori, Lautoka and Labasa respectively early February this year.

“We have been inviting SFCCO and now ICO to assist us in informing our new staff members on the Strategic Development document – the Peoples Charter,” course organizer Mr Josaia Qeranatabua said.

“Their (ICO) presentations have made an impact on our outputs and desired outcomes of our Annual Corporate Plans;” he said.

Director PRMD Mr Joeli Besetimoala presented in Nausori and Lautoka while Senior Information Officer Karalaini Waqanidrola presented in Labasa. Mr Besetimoala was accompanied by Information Officer Mr Aman Nath and Monitoring & Evaluation Ministry of Agriculture desk officer Mr Suliano Driti for his presentations.

The agricultural officers were enlightened on the Strategic Development guidelines: PCCPP, State of the National and Economy Report (SNE); Strategic Framework for Change (SFC), Constitution and the Roadmap for Democracy Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (RDSSED).

“Despite the fact that the Peoples Charter was endorsed in 2009, majority of the civil servants lose their direction as they carry out their responsibilities for they lack the very fundamental information outlined in the Charter,” Mr Besetimoala said.

“Civil servants must possess a sound understanding of the Strategic Development guidelines, Government intent and its new initiatives in order to carry out their work efficiently and effectively.”


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