The People’s Coalition Government will continue to uphold our Constitution which provides the freedom and right for everyone to practise their own religion and celebrate special occasions such as Ram Naumi.
This was the reassurance made by the Assistant Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Honourable Sakiusa Tubuna while officiating at the Ram Naumi celebration in Muanikoso Housing in Nasinu on Monday.
“We will respect the rights and freedom of every individual and we encourage everyone to be proud of which religion and culture they belong to,” he highlighted.
“The Coalition Government believes that we should continue to promote our culture, tradition, and language in whatever way we can as it is part of our identity and way of life.”
In recognising and promoting such right and freedom, Cabinet earlier approved the use of vernacular languages such as Hindi and iTaukei in Parliamentary sittings, which is currently being practised.
“Government has done this to promote and preserve our language and culture and to also ensure that all citizens of this country, are able to follow and understand issues debated in Parliament,” Hon. Tubuna said.
“This year, Government has also endorsed that May 15 be a national holiday to celebrate Girmit Day. This is to honor and reflect on the significant contribution of the descendants of indentured laborers who arrived on our shores in 1879.”
Assistant Minister Tubuna urged the Muanikoso community to continue to respect one another despite our different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.
“As citizens of this beloved nation, we must continue to work towards the common good of humanity. We are a peaceful nation and we want our children to live in peace. We must never forget the sacrifices of our forefathers in bringing us together.”
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