Council of Rotuma

  • The Council of Rotuma (COR) is a statutory body established under Rotuma Act, Chapter 122. The members of the Council are the seven district chiefs and 7 elected representatives of the 7 districts.
  • The Hon. Prime Minister is the minister responsible for the general welfare of the Rotuman Community.


Rotuma Subvention Fund

  • The Government through the Office of the Prime Minister provides annual funding assistance to Rotuma under Rotuma Subvention Fund (RSF). The fund assists in the payment of the operational cost of the Council as well as the funding of development projects.
  • A total of $240,000.00 was allocated for the 2017/2018 financial year. Over the years, the Office of the Prime Minister has been working closely with the Council of Rotuma to reduce their operational cost and to increase allocation for development projects. This is quite a challenge as the Council relies on the RSF to fund its operation.
  • As part of its long term plan to generate income and not to rely on government for funding assistance, the Council has also established its business arm called the Rotuma Export Marketing Company Ltd (REMCOL). The objective of this company is to facilitate trade between Rotuma and Tuvalu and to venture out in to other business opportunities utilising the resources available on the island.


Development Projects

  • The Council of Rotuma assesses the types of projects for funding under the Rotuma Subvention Fund and recommend to the Office of the Prime Minister with a project paper and justification on each request.
  • These submissions are then assessed by the Office of the Prime Minister before they are submitted to the Permanent Secretary for approval.
  • Once approved, the Office of the Prime Minister facilitates the implementation by working closely with the Council and the District Officer Rotuma.
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