The newly-inducted prefects of Chauhan Memorial School in Veisari, Lami were reminded today to serve responsibly and with kindness.
While officiating at the school’s prefect investiture ceremony, the wife of the Prime Minister, Mrs Suluweti Rabuka told the student leaders that the new responsibility meant “serving their classes and the school”.
“You are badged in order to serve your class and your school,” she said.
“I offer my warm congratulations to each of you. Think of being a prefect as a helper or being an assistant to the teachers in the school.
“Schools are not just a place for learning, they are also the breeding ground for leaders. The subject of leadership is what brings us here today.”
Mrs Rabuka, at the same time, paid tribute to the founder of the school, the late Mr Ram Ashre Chauhan for his foresight.
The late Mr Chauhan owned a timber milling business in Veisari and because of his vision to bring education closer to the doorsteps of the people in the area, offered his piece of land and timber for the construction of one classroom in 1957.
“You are therefore blessed to be able to access education close to your homes. Children living in parts of India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ethiopia and China are not so lucky as they have been excluded from education,” she said.
“In fact, 244 million children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 worldwide were still missing out on school in 2021.
“Without the vision and generosity of Mr Chauhan, we would not be here today.”
In quoting the Gospel of Matthew chapter 7 verse 12, Mrs Rabuka urged the prefects to treat the students well and in the way they want to be treated themselves.
“Let that be your guide as you serve in your new role as prefects of your classes. Serve responsibly and serve kindly,” she added.
“To the parents and guardians who are here today, thank you for your endless support in the education of your children. They are God’s gift to you, and as the Honourable Prime Minister is fond of saying-Count Your Blessings.”
Speaking on behalf of the prefects, school headboy Immanuel Rasiga thanked the management, teachers, parents and guardians for their unwavering support and trust.
“We will lead by example not just academically but also in sports and social activities,” he said.
“We are committed to serving our school with passion, integrity and excellence.
“To my fellow student leaders, let us remember that we are also ambassadors of our school and community. We should represent them with pride, dignity and excellence wherever we go and in whatever we do.”
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