SFCCO a True Learning Experience: Matanatabua

SOLO-2Working in the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office (SFCCO) is a true learning experience for personal development and growth.

These are the words of soft spoken and humble Namalata lad from Kadavu, Mr. Solomoni Matanatabua, a staff at SFCCO.

Solo, as he is commonly known to his colleagues, started working at the Parliamentary Complex from 2008 after spending twenty-five (25) years in the catering industry. Although a change to his career, Mr. Matanatabua has been able to adapt fluidly into his new role.

The SFCCO continues to encourage staff to develop their skills through regular training; sentiments expressed by Mr. Matanatabua after a recent GWE Workshop in Nadave.

“I’ve learnt a lot from induction workshops, learning to know about the Charter and accompanying the Public Relations & Media team to the consultations. I also enjoy listening to what the PR Officers explain about the Charter, namely its 11 pillars”.

Mr. Matanatabua has accustomed himself to attending staff meetings every Monday which has enabled him to fully understand the roles and functions of the Office of the Prime Minister and in particular the tasks carried out by SFCCO.

He is proud to having positively contributed towards the development and functions of the Office, a task which he aspires to perform to his best of abilities.

Solo attributes his influence from his father, Mr. Uliyasi, who inspired him to maintain a right attitude and discipline towards work in order to do things better.

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