Small Grants Scheme

1 Natoaika Village School, Naitasiri School Roll: 142; Funded Procurement of building materials for a 3 bedroom concrete teachers quarters EDUCATION CENTRAL NAITASIRI
2 Sawani Village School, Naitasiri- School Roll: 244; funded Renovation of school building EDUCATION CENTRAL NAITASIRI
3 Nasele Catholic School, Naitasiri- School Roll: 87, funded Construction of walkway & Upgrading of playground EDUCATION CENTRAL NAITASIRI
4 Naitavuni Catholic- School Roll: 79, funded Upgrading of school playground EDUCATION CENTRAL NAITASIRI
5 Naitasiri Provincial High School, Naitasiri- School Roll: 275, Funded Construction of Dinning Hall EDUCATION CENTRAL NAITASIRI
6 Nawaisomo Primary School, Naitasiri – School Roll: 102, funded 3 x brushcutters, boat & outboard motor EDUCATION CENTRAL NAITASIRI
1 Veivatuloa Primary School, Namosi- School Roll: 68, funded Renovation of 1x 6 classroom & Teacher’s Quarters. Constructions of Kindergarten EDUCATION CENTRAL NAMOSI
2 Nabukavesi Primary School, Namosi- School Roll: 258, funded Constuction of Kindergarten, 01 x 02 Bedroom Teachers Quarters& Renovation to school building EDUCATION CENTRAL NAMOSI
3 Mau Primary School, Namosi- School Roll: 67, funded Renovation of mess hall, constuction of kitchen & walkway EDUCATION CENTRAL NAMOSI
1 Beqa Yanuca Secondary School, Beqa School Roll: 99, funded Procurement of School equipment EDUCATION CENTRAL REWA
2 Holy Family Kindergarten, Suva School Roll: 30, funded construction of walkway, shelter, maingate & school fencing EDUCATION CENTRAL REWA
3 Draiba Primary School, Suva School Roll: 373, funded Renovation works on classroom block at draiba primary EDUCATION CENTRAL REWA
1 Ratu Veikoso Primary School- School Roll: 96, funded Construction of school access road EDUCATION CENTRAL TAILEVU
2 Dawasamu Secondary School, Tailevu – School Roll: 194, funded Engraving of Stainless steel plate EDUCATION CENTRAL TAILEVU
1 Yasana-i-ra District School – School Roll: 56, Funded materials for classroom building EDUCATION EASTERN LAU
1 South Taveuni Secondary School, Taveuni- School Roll: 195, Funded Construction of Ablution block EDUCATION NORTHERN CAKAUDROVE
2 Uluivali Secondary School, Cakaudrove- School Roll: 150, Funded Procurement of Desks and Chairs EDUCATION NORTHERN CAKAUDROVE
3 Napuka Secondary School, Cakaudrove- School Roll: 194, Funded Procurement of 1×3 classroom & 1x teachers quarters building materials EDUCATION NORTHERN CAKAUDROVE
1  Qawa Primary School, Labasa School Roll: 364, Funded Upgrading of Feeder Roads and construction of Walway with steps EDUCATION NORTHERN MACUATA
2 Uluibau District School- School Roll: 62, Funded Procurement of materials for water project EDUCATION NORTHERN MACUATA
3 Nadogo Central College, Wainikoro, Nadogo, Macuata- School Roll: 459, Funded Procurement of school furniture, renovation works on hostel & cooking facilities EDUCATION NORTHERN MACUATA
4 Vunivutu Primary School, Macuata- School Roll: 60, funded Consuction of 01x 03 classroom EDUCATION NORTHERN MACUATA
5 Dreketi Primary School, Macuata – School Roll: 190, funded Renovation of Teacher’s Quarters EDUCATION NORTHERN MACUATA
1 Koroboya Primary School,Ba- School Roll: 100, funded Drainage Works EDUCATION WESTERN BA
2 Magodro District School, Ba- School Roll: 240, funded Construction of 01×01 classroom building EDUCATION WESTERN BA
1 Bemana Catholic School, Nadroga/Navosa- School Roll: 206, funded Hiring costs to transPurchase Orderrt boat to school EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
2 Waiyala SDA Primary School, Waiyala, Nadroga/Navosa- School Roll: 100, funded TransPurchase Orderrt cost of delivery of boat from sigatoka to Waiyala  SDA Primary School EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
3 St Joan of Arc Catholic Primary School- School Roll: 306, funded Renovations to Teachers Quarters and infant classroom EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
4 Malomalo Primary school- School Roll: 126, funded Construction of 01×02 bedroom for teachers quarters EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
5 Ratu Filise Memorial School, Sigatoka- School Roll: 183, funded Renovation of School building. EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
6 Batiri Public school,Nadroga/Navosa- School Roll: 77, funded Renovation 04x teachers quarters EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
7 Bainimarama Vatutoko Primary School, Nadroga/Navosa- School Roll: 87, funded Construction of new dormitory & Construction of dinning hall and kitchen EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
8 Navosa Central College, Vatumali, Nadroga/Navosa- School Roll: 272, funded Contsruction of Teachers Quarters. EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
9 Nasivikoso Village School, Nadroga/Navosa- School Roll: 100, funded Construction of Teachers Quarters, Classroom and Toilet Block. EDUCATION WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
1 St Francis College, Navunibitu, Ra- School Roll: 65, funded Supply of 120 x desks and chairs, 4 x Teachers table and chairs EDUCATION WESTERN RA
1 Waibau Farming Cmmunity- Assistance: Community Contribution for Electricity Supply. VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRAL NAITASIRI
2 Qiolevu Farm Road, Naitasiri- Road construction from Tauli to Tole farm Road VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRAL NAITASIRI
3 Nawaisomo Village, Naitasiri- Construction of flush toilets VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRAL NAITASIRI
1 Lokia Village, Rewa – Construction of Kindergarten VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRAL REWA
1 Yavusa Nukutabua, Yanuca Island, Serua- Income Generating Project – Boat & Engine. VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRAL SERUA
1 Vukavu Village, Kadavu – fuel for outboard motor VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT EASTERN KADAVU
1 Komo Village, Lau & Ono I Lau – Supply of Cricket Sports Equipment & 14 litres super for chainsaw VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT EASTERN LAU
1 Yadua Island, Bua- Community contrinbution for Water Project. VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT NORTHERN BUA
2 Yadua Nursing Station, Bua – Generator and Fiberglass Boat and Engine. VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT NORTHERN BUA
1 Northern Christian Training Center – Community Contribution for supply of Electricity VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT NORTHERN MACUATA
2 Vunikawakawa Village Water Project, Wailevu Macuata. VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT NORTHERN MACUATA
1 Waibuka Settlement –  Rural electrification, Ba VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT WESTERN BA
1 Keiyasi government station, Nadroga/Navosa- Upgrading of Keiyasi water supply VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
2 Najia Village Evacuation Center, Yasawa-  Completion of Evacuation Center. VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
3 Bouwaqa Village Youth Club- Procurement of 75 HP Outboard Engine & 25ft half cabin fiberglass boat VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
4 Ulisila Cane Access Road, Cuvu, SIgatoka- Laying of 30 Culverts to ease transPurchase Orderrtation of sugar cane mills VILLAGE/SETTLEMENT DEVELOPMENT WESTERN NADROGA/NAVOSA
1 Kinoya Old Boys Association – Supply of working materials OTHER INTERGRATED PROJECTS
2 Golden Age Home, Lautoka- Installation of Insect Screens OTHER INTERGRATED PROJECTS
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