Nacula Village in Yasawa was a hive of activity today as villagers gathered to present a traditional “vakasenuqanuqa” to the Prime Minister Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka to celebrate his re-elected role as Head of the Coalition Government.
Villagers of Nacula, Nanuya, Tavewa, Yaqeta, Vuaki, Naisisili, Malakati, Navotua and Matacawalevu came together to show their appreciation and support to the Prime Minister.
At the invitation of the Turaga Na Tui Drola, Ratu Manasa Naikasowalu, the Prime Minister was first traditionally welcomed by the management and staff of Turtle Island Resort where he encouraged them to continue with their “good work”.
He urged them to continue to promote the beauty of Yasawa and also our true Fijian hospitality.
In Nacula Village, he acknowledged the support of the vanua during the 2022 General Election and their loyalty and trust over the years.
Known for their resilience and self-reliance, the Head of the Coalition Government thanked the villagers for ensuring improved livelihoods even though they have been deprived of government assistance in the past.
He reassured the villagers that the Coalition Government would look into the issues they face daily.
The Prime Minister , at the same time, stressed the importance of keeping promises, to which he said that the government will work to ensure its promises are fulfilled.
The Prime Minister and his delegation were later hosted to a late lunch by the management and staff of Nanuya Island Resort.
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